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Rather, they questioned whether he was doing enough to help average Americans and the frequent chaos in the White House. “We can’t go a week without someone leaving his administration. There is no stability in our government,” said Robert Waldram, a 52-year-old Baptist churchgoer from Williamsburg, Virginia, in a telephone interview. He said he voted for Trump as a better option than Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. But Waldram said he was tired of Trump’s “childlike tantrums on Twitter.” FILE PHOTO: Faith leaders place their hands on the shoulders of U.S. President Donald Trump as he takes part in a prayer for those affected by Hurricane Harvey in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, U.S., September 1, 2017. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque/Files In his first 200 days in office, Trump mentioned God about 100 times in public remarks, excluding the standard “God bless America” that presidents routinely end speeches with, something his ardent supporters welcome as readiness to eschew political correctness. By this point in their presidencies, Democrat Barack Obama had mentioned God 43 times, while Republican George W. Bush had referred to God in 60 instances. Jeffress, one of the first prominent evangelical pastors to back Trump for president, said his God talk was apolitical. “I understand that cynical people would say this is just for political expediency, but ...

For each business plan, half were shown with a woman as the owner, and half with a man. They were asked to rate each plan on the likelihood of success, how well the business was managed, and how likely they would be to patronize the business. Here’s what was found: Men tended to be more critical than women in regard to female business owners. Yes, the business world is still largely a boy’s club. For example, in technology – where women have struggled to gain ground in startups and existing companies – female-owned businesses have been viewed as less successful than male-owned companies. Female-owned businesses are more likely to gain customers if they operate in fields already dominated by women (accounting, education, design, advertising). Old gender tropes are unfortunately still strong as ever. And, apparantly, being a female entrepreneur in an industry dominated by women is good for sales numbers. Millennials were the least inclined to support a female-owned business. No, not all millennials are forward-thinking.

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